TOEFL ® Exam

TOEFL ® Exam

By Padma Sampath on September 15, 2019 in TOEFL

Dear Study Abroad Aspirants

We are now in the end of September and universities abroad have already started their new academic year. If you are aspiring to study abroad and still in the planning stage, then acquiring a certificate for your English proficiency is the first step you should aim to cross.

Students seeking an admission in international universities are required to provide a proof of English proficiency and one of the ways to meet this requirement is having a satisfactory TOEFL® score as determined by the universities. TOEFL ®is a widely accepted English language test all over the world including countries like USA, Canada and Australia. The TOEFL iBT®is administered via internet and takes about four- and half hours to complete. The test comprises of the following four sections.

  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Speaking
  4. Writing

The Reading section has 36–56 tasks based on reading passages from academic texts and answering questions. The Listening section has 34–51 tasks based on listening to lectures, classroom discussions and conversations, then answering questions.Speaking section has six tasks;and the writing section has two tasks , scored by valuating the integrated writing task for development, organization, grammar, vocabulary, accuracy and completeness and by rating the independent writing essay on overall writing quality, including development, organization, grammar and vocabulary.After the completion of the test, a scaled score would be given for each section (Score of: 0–30) along with the total score (0–120).

Test Registration and Preparation

Registration for TOEFL iBT® should be done no later than seven days before the planned test date (not including the day of test) for a fee of US $180 (subject to change) or at least three days before the planned test date (not including the day of test) with a late fee of US $ 40 along with the registration fee; and the registration can be done in one of the following ways.

  1. Register online
  2. Registration by phone
  3. Registration by mail
  4. Registration in person.

Click here to know more about TOEFL® test registration.

Preparation on all the four sections of the test is required and it is advisable to start preparing for the test at least eight weeks prior to the test day. ETS offers a wide array of materials for the TOEFL® test preparation including free sample questions and practice test.Click here to know more about the value packs and other preparation materials for TOEFL® test.

On the day of exam

Test takers are required to have the registration number (can be had from the online TOEFL iBT® account and two forms of acceptable ID documents(original).

The test fee includes four free official TOEFL ® score report to be sent to the TOEFL destinations that has to be selected through the TOEFL® online registration system by 10.00 PM (local test center time) on the day prior to the test date. For selections made after the 10.00 PM deadline, there is a fee of US$ 20 per additional score report requested.

Wish you all success!